◆ Larger low-positioned steps and large grab bar: allow easy access
◆ Full rubber floor mat: reduces vibration
◆ Large premium suspension safety seat: provide comfort
◆ Forward positioned hydraulic control levers: easier to reach
◆ Adjustable steering column: provide ideal operation position, increase comfort
◆ Small steering wheel: easy to manipulate in narrow space
◆ Spacious operation space: more comfortable
◆ Wide view mast: ensure super visibility
◆ Premium hydraulic system: eliminate leaks and pressure loss
◆ Improved lifting system: lifting speed increased by 20%-25%
◆ Lowering speed valve in main lift cylinder: avoid rapid decent
◆ LED lights: better lighting and effective in energy conservation
◆ New noise isolation material: reduced noise level
◆ Well-known brands and reliable engines: consume less fuel and eliminate emissions
◆ Compact internal distribution: clear space for maintenance
◆ Bigger radiator made of new materials: faster heat dissipation
◆ CAN-Bus system: allow immediate exchange and accessibility to all data, simplify servie
◆ Engine protection system: sensor shuts down the engine prior to a possible failure
◆ Lower Rated Speeds Program: offset fuel consumption
◆ Alternate Governor and Torque settings: maintain fuel economy with HPCR ECM system
◆ German ZF transmission: reversible power shift control, lower noise, easy to maintain
◆ German KESSLER drive Axle: provide excellent lateral stability and long-term durability
◆ Full floating axle shafts and hub planetary final drives: higher torque to the drive wheels
◆ MICO multi-plate wet disc braking system: offer more effective and reliable braking
◆ Super visible cabin equipped with large front and rear windows and rear view mirror
◆ Efficient diagnostic program: find and solve problem quickly
◆ Tilting cab as standard: ensure easy access to major components for inspection and service
◆ Uniform layout of electrical and hydraulic tubing and hoses: easy to maintain
◆ CAN bus receptacle in the operator cab for engine, transmission and panel
◆ LCD display with diagnostics for main components: identify service needs quickly
◆ Oil-immersed (wet) multi-plate disk brake as standard: maintenance free