◆ Larger low-positioned steps and large grab bar: allow easy access
◆ Full rubber floor mat: reduces vibration
◆ Large premium suspension safety seat: provide comfort
◆ Forward positioned hydraulic control levers: easier to reach
◆ Interlock parking brake: safety protection switch in hand brake, reduce fatigue
◆ Adjustable steering column: provide ideal operation position, increase comfort
◆ Small steering wheel: easy to manipulate in narrow space
◆ Spacious operation space: more comfortable
◆ Wide view mast for operator: mast width1525mm for 2.5T forklift and 1600.5mm for 3.5T forklift
◆ Premium hydraulic system: eliminate leaks and pressure loss
◆ Improved lifting system: lifting speed increased by 20%-25%
◆ Lowering speed valve in main lift cylinder: avoid rapid decent
◆ Powerful steering system: fuel consumption reduced by 8%
◆ LED lights: better lighting and effective in energy conservation
◆ New noise isolation material: reduced noise level
◆ Well-known brands and reliable engines: consume less fuel and eliminate emissions
◆ Floating system: reduce vibration maximally
◆ Compact internal distribution: clear space for maintenance
◆ Bigger radiator made of new materials: faster heat dissipation
◆ Steering angle from 43.6°to 70° with small turning radius
◆ Power shift transmission with torque converter: allow faster cycle times
◆ Automatic differential lock in 100% differential: provide ultimate traction
◆ Special heavy truck tires with a wide footprint: greater stability and lift capacity