◆ Larger low-positioned steps and large grab bar: allow easy access
◆ Full rubber floor mat: reduces vibration
◆ Steel side plates: increase forklift strength
◆ Large premium suspension safety seat: provide comfort
◆ Seat sensing safety system: ensure safety for operator and forklift
◆ Multifunctional instrument panel at right side of steering wheel: easy to read
◆ Forward positioned hydraulic control levers: easier to reach
◆ Interlock parking brake: safety protection switch in hand brake, reduce fatigue
◆ Adjustable steering column: provide ideal operation position, increase comfort
◆ Suspension pedals: more sensitive and comfortable, provide extra foot space
◆ Spacious operation space: more comfortable
◆ Steering wheel angle control: minimize turning radius
◆ Power steering: less effort needed, reduce fatigue of operator
◆ LED lights: better lighting and effective in energy conservation
◆ Dual drive motors: more power for traction, move loads efficiently.
◆ Low-positioned battery compartment: add stability
◆ Full AC motor system: provide high torque performance, reduce maintenance
◆ ZAPI AC controller: provide infinite drive and lift control, maintenance free
◆ Controller installed on the top of counterbalance: easy maintenance
◆ Regenerative braking: reserve energy and increases run time
◆ High capacity and durable battery: long service life; German battery is optional
◆ Emergency power-off switch: within easy reach provided electrical failure occur
◆ Wide view mast with bigger mast rollers
◆ Premium hydraulic system: eliminate leaks and pressure loss
◆ Buffer device with lift cylinder: avoid shock when mast descends during termination phase