Full Service
In addition to first-rate forklifts, Grepow also provides first-rate service which covers pre-sales service, in-sales service and after-sales service. Since the moment you inquire us, our service starts. We will provide full information to you and help you choose the most suitable forklifts according to your application. After the forklifts are delivered to you, we will give you individual maintenance advices. Combing with the professional service manual, you can easily follow the instructions and keep the forklifts in good condition. Even if any failure happens, our full time service system will give prompt solutions to minimize the downtimes.

Grepow offers replacements if failure happens due to unqualified materials or manufacturing. The warranty takes effect from bill of lading date and lasts 2000 working hours or 12 months whichever comes earlier. It covers all the important parts including engines, controllers, transmissions, driving axles, steering axles, wheel hubs, wheel rims, cylinders, etc. Please contact Grepow for more details.

Grepow delivers first-rate forklifts. Even if any parts failure or any technical problems, please feel free to contact us, we will respond within 1 day and give you practical solution on the next working day and replacement parts can be delivered to you within 3 days from delivery date by international couriers.

As a professional forklifts manufacture, Grepow is able to offer customized service no matter you want a different color of the forklifts, or you want a special mast for lifting, or even reduce and add some configurations. Tell us your requirements, our engineers will evaluate your scheme and give you customized plan.